Do I Need a Lawyer For a Green Card Marriage?

Green Card Marriages

Whether or not an individual needs a lawyer to get a green card through marriage, is dependent on each individual’s particular circumstances and needs. 

Typically, no law dictates that a person needs a lawyer to help them get a green card via marriage. As many people who have been through the process can attest though, whether or not you get to stay in the same country as the person you love is too important to not go to all stops to make sure your application is done right. The consequences of applying for and getting denied a green card through marriage can be dire. You and your loved one may be separated for years, and in the worst case scenarios, you may not ever be granted the legal right to live and work in the United States.

Green Card “Factories”

There are many websites that make it seem like using them will make the green card application process easy and seamless. Even though businesses like these make it seem like applying for a green card is as simple as downloading and printing some simple forms, filling them out and dropping them off at an immigration office. As attractive as this might seem, there are many, many possibilities for error when applying for a green card. Even just one of these errors has the potential to negatively, and sometimes even permanently, affect your chances of getting granted a green card. 

Immigration Forms

Even the most educated and intelligent people, and even people who are experienced with filling out immigration forms, can make the smallest mistake on one of them that could wind up causing big problems. One of the key reasons that people hire a lawyer rather than try to go through the green card application process on their own or through a website that might not even be authorized to be offering legal immigration help, is to ensure that all of their forms are filled out correctly- and to ensure that they have included all the necessary documentation that the immigration office has asked them to include. 

Green Card Applications

Green card applications are complicated and sensitive legal documents.  Filling them out wrong or failing to provide proper documentation can affect a person and/or their spouse and/or their children’s ability to legally reside and work in the U.S. It is very important to make sure that the legal help and/or advice you are getting is coming from someone who is educated and licensed to protect the rights of people in your and similar situations. 

Changes in Immigration Laws

The current presidential administration has been making drastic changes to immigration laws and deadlines for a few years now. This has negatively impacted many people from being able to successfully apply for entry or to remain in the U.S. legally. It is important to know that your green card or other kind of immigration application is up to date with the parameters of the most recent changes to immigration laws and policies. 

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