Can A Lawyer Help With Immigration?

There are many different situations in which a lawyer may be able to help a person with their immigration needs. A person’s specific circumstances will determine whether or not a lawyer may be able to help them with their immigration process. 

For dealing with many of these circumstances, many people recommend using an immigration lawyer to facilitate the process, to make sure everything is done correctly and on time, and oftentimes, to save money and the time of having to try to correct mistakes- some of which can wind up being irreparable for getting an immigrant’s desired results. Some situations, such as an immgration or green card applicant’s criminal record, make the necessity of having legal representation all the more important. 

Immigration Lawyers

Typically, immigration lawyers are independent practitioners and are not connected to US immigration authorities. Immigration lawyers help their clients deal with a wide range of issues relating to visas, green cards, US citizenship and other immigration benefits. As long as a lawyer is licensed to practice law in at least one state in the US, they can typically help people from all states, even people who are living in different countries. This is largely because immigration law is federal.

Reasons People Seek the Help of an Immigration Lawyer

The following are some common reasons that people seek help from an immigration lawyer:

– They are uncertain of their eligibility for a green card, citizenship or other immigration benefits

– They are requesting discretionary relief, such as asylum or a waiver

– They are finding it difficult to successfully complete a USCIS application on their own and/or  they have been asked to supply additional evidence that they do not readily have quickly and efficiently 

– They have an urgent emergency and/or time sensitive matter that needs to be taken care of 

– They have been given notice that deportation or removal proceedings are being started against  them 

– They want to apply to return to the U,S, after being deported

– Their immigration application was refused or denied in the past

– They have been offered a job in the U.S. that they wish to take but the employer that made the job offer is not helping with getting them their work visa

– They have a criminal record that is making it difficult for them to enter the U.S. or to protect themselves from being removed from the U.S. by immigration or other government officials

– The forms an immigration or visa applicant must fill out are too time consuming and/or complicated for them to complete on their own

– They do not have all the documents that their immigration or visa application requires

– They are applying for an investment-based visa

There are many other situations that are not mentioned here that might require a person to seek the help of an immigration lawyer. As well, there a many situations not mentioned here that do not require a lawyer but it will likely save the immigration applicant time, money and/or prevent them from making irreparable mistakes on their application.

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